Happy 89th Birthday!

Peter Rich turned 89 years young this week. Happy Birthday, friend! He's pictured here with one of Bob Abdou's "mini-me". It's Bob's newest show puppets. It's what I call a "portrait puppet" and the mini-Abdou is a great likeness! All wood carved. Made by Scott Bryte. Bob will operate this puppet with a foot pedal while his hands are full with other puppets! (How Peter can hold this character and retain his big bright beaming smile must be some sort of test!)


  1. Happy Birthday Peter, may you have many more!

  2. Anonymous6/20/2010

    Happy Birthday Mr. Rich!! Keep on venting!! :))

  3. Happy Birthday, and Great Job Mr.. Rich,
    I didn't even see your lips moving, Were you using the peddle, or is it also set up to be used the old fashioned way, by Hand? Enjoy another 89 years of happiness, Venting,
    Thanks for the story, Bill Duff