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  1. Hi, Thanks for Showing that Hi & Lois Strip, I didn't see it in the papers, or would have clipped it. The Strip was originally created bt Mort Walker and Drew by Dik Brown, but Dik Died in 1988, and Mort passed Down the task of writing it to Greg and Brian, and Dik's son Chance draws it. I think they have been doing a great Job carrying down a Family Trudition which started in 1958.
    I was wondering if you ever did any stories where a Profeshional Ventriloquist, passed down his trade to his son and his son was as great as he, I see you and your son are both very good, There is one great example. Bill

  2. When I start thinking about it, there have been many instances where ventriloquist talent in a family goes into 2nd and 3rd generations. I've written of some; others will be fo8und. This blog is primarily a journal of Detweiler vent experiences.