Jim Burke's "Small, small world"

“A joyful heart is good medicine…” (Prov. 17:22)

What a frog strangler! It wasn’t raining ‘cats and dogs;’ it was raining ‘lions and wolves!’ This past weekend we saw rain, rain, everywhere, and some wind and tornadoes to boot!

Jim and the Razzle Dazzle team drove through the rain on the way to the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis. I didn’t have to worry about the weather though. Jim kept me dry in his pocket.

If I may be so bold as to boast, I have a 100% record of smiling. My creator wanted me to smile and he made me for that purpose. Your Creator made my creator and He wants you to smile too!

Sometimes Jim gets careless and has me talking upside down before he even realizes it.
I wasn’t made to be upside down. It defeats my purpose. But, did you know that if you take a frown and turn it upside down that it becomes a smile? Jim says that a lot of people need to be turned upside down so that they can be upside right like God intends.

Well, back to the Ronald McDonald House. Before our program even began, Jim took me out of his pocket and I started talking to a young girl with an I.V. in her arm. I don’t know who smiled and laughed the most---she or her mother.

Then, I talked to some of the other children. I am happy to say that my record is still intact. I can’t talk without people smiling and having a good time. Some of those children have less than a year to have such fun.

I had a brief appearance during the program, and even afterwards! Miguelito, my wooden headed pal, also showed up. Jake Clemons, a member of our team did his dazzling magic, and Scott Stewart painted a picture of Ronald McDonald himself. Sharon helped with the crafts and leading in the singing of a silly song. Everyone was smiling!

Jim says that the greatest sound in the world is that of children laughing. It sure was the greatest sound I heard Saturday. For a little while, the children forgot about their illnesses.
You should have seen the smiles on the children’s faces when each of them received a pocket puppet that looked exactly like me! Jim says that it was the greatest event he had participated in all week.

Before going back out into the rain, I went back into Jim’s pocket. I don’t worry though. Jim promised me that when someone needs a smile, I will suddenly appear.

I do wonder about one thing. When I think about those children smiling, what excuse does anyone, especially a believer, have for not smiling?

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