Jack Dill (Mr. Gadget) and Genie

"When I use Genie, I tell my audience a story of how Aladdin was upset at the way Genie was doing things and put him into a bottle and threw him into the sea, saying, 'Go bother someone else.'

Well, I was walking in a secluded area by the sea and saw this bottle and picked it up and began to clean it off, when guess what happened? Loud thunder noise and bright lights were all around, and BIG BLUE GENIE appeared and said, 'It's about time -I've been in this small bottle long enough!' And he went on to ask what could he do for me? And thus, he's now in my show.

Well, because of his size he bullies around a lot, and tries to charm the ladies with his Big Smile. He also brags too much, but I use it as a reminder to all that we should not try and be a Big Shot and be careful how we treat others. You just can't keep an opportunity for a good lesson forever bottled up!


  1. jai cotterill5/14/2010

    what does it look like inside your puppet

  2. Anonymous5/15/2010