If the String Breaks

Dave Castle wrote a wonderful little book on 21 ways to turn an emergency into a success should the mouth on your vent figure malfunction during the show. This book is listed on my 99 cent book auctions this week: See them all here. Be sure to check out all the titles. I also sell If The String Breaks, for $5.00 postpaid.
In addition, we have today drawn the name of Robert DeShone as the winner of one free copy of the book. Contact Mr. D to claim your prize or to order a copy of the book.)

Here's one idea from the book:

#19, The string has given out and seemingly it's all over...but not so for the clever ventriloquist. Doll says (in usual voice), "Look, (vent's name), I'M a ventriloquist. I can talk without moving my lips." And does so right into the final gag after which both exit. (The author claims this one almost never fails to excite audiences.)

Plus TWENTY more, many of which can be used even when the mouth is working perfectly!


  1. I do not know why not done, when can so easily, namely two strings in place. The only difference is that the standby string does not use lever, just a loop in the string running alongside post at lever and easy to get to if a string breaks.

  2. I double string the mouth on all my figures, both to the lever. Truth is - braided nylon strings seldom break - it's more of an unwarranted fear we're dealing with.

  3. Anonymous5/01/2010

    Yours is better idea than mine. I can see how an extra string to the lever, a hair looser than main string, could then take over when main string breaks if it ever did. LeeDean