#37 Ventrilo-Card

The Great Chesterfield
(Card #1, Set #4)

Howard A. Olson was born in 1882. He taught himself ventriloquism while he was working at a silk wholesale house. His first figure, "Reddy Doyle", was made by Theo and Charlie Mack.

Howard was from a Swedish family that did not approve of show business, so he changed his stage name to The Great Chesterfield. His first show was at a small theater on State Street in Chicago. When the Great Lester played Chicago's Majestic Theater, Chesterfield often went to see him to learn from the master. The Great Chesterfield entertained many, including more than a million G.I.'s during World War II.

Chesterfield did and act with his seven year old son, Howie Olson, and billed it as "Chesterfield and Little LeRoy."

The Great Chesterfield died on Feb. 26, 1977 in Chicago.
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  1. Anonymous5/10/2010

    Cowboy Eddie was probably the Reddy Doyle figure made by Mack now used by Jackie Manna of Orlando. LeeDean

  2. Anonymous5/10/2010

    I have her name wrong, it is Jacki Manna. LeeDean

  3. Anonymous5/12/2010

    Have you consider inserting a card for every 5th book (or a number of choosing) that you sell? Sort of a random prize for those who buy from you?

  4. Years ago I did insert a card in every order. But this product is no longer in production. I only have a VERY limited supply now (thanks to M. A. Denemark), so I'm forced to be more limited with my give-aways.

  5. Anonymous7/13/2010

    Hi! I'm Howard A Olson's grand-daughter, Karin Grace Olson. I just found you while doing a search for my grandfather. Are there any more of the framed cards of him? If not, is it possible to get a copy from the winner? Also, I have old 8mmm film of my grandfather's. Some of it may have Jake, his figure. I have many childhood memories of Jake because I lived with my grandfather the first 19 years of my life. Anyway, when I get the film converted, I'll let you know if there is any footage of my grandfather with Jake.