$23,000 for First show?

From Tom Farrell:

My advanced exam is in the mail to you today. Even though I have finished the Maher Course, I am by no means finished with the Course . I intend to review the lessons frequently in my practice sessions. I also intend to let you know from time to time how I am doing vent-wise.

As I told you previously, my first show after 22 years was a school show with 5th graders. It was a huge success as was my figure Jerry DeWitt ( Jimmy Wallis's Insull figure which Kevin refurbished and you painted). After the show, I had a Question and Answer session with the kids . These 5th graders are smart . We talked about ventriloquism and some of the kids knew about Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator. A couple of the kids had been to Vent Haven and were interested in learning vent .

Two days later, I received 23 wonderful, personalized thank you letters on art paper with drawings and pop-ups that were just a joy to see. To me those letters are worth a thousand dollars each. Twenty Three thousand dollars for my first show. How Cool is that ?
Tom Farrell Student # 1604

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  1. Anonymous5/09/2010

    This is such a great attitude to have.