Who's He?

Question: I enjoy reading your blog every day.
Lots of information, humor etc. But now, a question:
On the blogspot of Maher Studios - Encore there are some photograph's of you, repairing a figure. On the last picture (right hand column) you are accompanied by a figure with a red bow. Who's he? And is he still 'in production'? (What I hope).
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That's my little guy, "R.C"., who was built for me about 25 years ago by Craig Lovik. Originally sold as a 38" Clipper, I cut the body down in size to make it a more compact and easier to handle 36" size. The head remained the same size, of course. We sold Clippers through Maher Studios until sometime in the '90s when the mold used to cast that figure became unusable, forcing the figure to be retired. (And Craig no longer is in the figuremaking business.)


  1. Anonymous4/05/2010

    R.C. became the same size as C.M., as stated 36" in the Smithsonian article recently posted. I know R.C. had to be a lighter figure to be easy to handle, and do you know if original Charlie McCarthy in pine weighed over 40 lbs.? LeeDean

  2. 40 pounds? I can't imagine any figure weighing 40 pounds unless it was carved of granite. I only touched one Charlie that Bergen used - it was certainly closer to 4 pounds than 40.

  3. Anonymous4/05/2010

    Glad to see the picture since I am a proud owner of a fully loaded Clipper myself.. Dave Ferdinand

  4. Clinton...

    Can't another mold be made...to make "Clipper" available again...?

    Thanks...Continued Success...

    Dr. Dan

  5. To make a mold, a master is needed. Finding a figure to use as a master would be the challenge.

  6. Perhaps you know the anonymous person of 4-05 and he will lend you his Clipper. I'm also interested in this figure...