Random Coin Comments

While the free Collector Coin Give-Away has now ended, I will be offering the remaining supply for sale while the supply lasts. (See left margin.) Below are a few random comments from those who now have coin(s) in hand.

"Thanks so much for the cool collectible coin!" Terry Fator

"The 5 Dummy Dollars coin arrived 2 minutes ago. Thanks so much. I'll probably frame it and hang it next to my Charlie McCarthy coins and paper money." Dale Brown

"Those coins are really detailed. I doubt that I will be buying any items with any of those. Those belong in a nice display case." Dan Batten

"Received my my collectible coin today. Thank you, it's a beauty. I am trilled. It will have a place of honor in my collection of memorabilia." Bob Conrad

"I received my collector's coin and wanted to drop a note and say thank you. These coins turned out beautifully, and you are correct, I will be really surprised if anyone actually redeems them! I love mine!" Andy Mrkvicka

'Thank you, Clinton Detweiler. I will put your coin in oak/glass vent showcase to display. I can't display both sides of the coin so I guess I choose the money side and show gal vent, and '5 Dummy Dollars'". Lee Dean

"I'm using my gift (coin), to begin practicing a coin flourish again. It's a great size and weight." Dave Roibison

"What a Treasure! I love my coin! A perfect good luck charm!" Eddie Garland


  1. Hi Just got my coin as well and I will not be spending it either...it goes with the other collectibles you sent me as well as the other collectibles from various sources...Thank you

    I am buying a tux for Chipper I believe he's a size 4t what about his shoe size?

  2. Richard Ragsdale4/27/2010

    Yup--Just got mine. Won't be spending it. I'll carry it for luck, and to remind me to practice daily! Thank you, Mr. D!

  3. in case I haven't said anything

    "This is my first piece of true ventriloquist memorabilia and I plan to truly treasure it." - Josh Minetree

  4. HI and Thanks Very Much!!!! I am going to put it in my show case NEVER TO BE SPENT...I am going to have to get a couple more though my children want one also. I will be talking with you soon about that. Nick

  5. Thanks very much for the Very nice coin. I have put it in my showcase where is is there, NEVER TO BE SPENT!!I have to buy more though both kids wanted it. I will talk to you soon about that, Thanks again, Nick

  6. Good Morning. Thank you for your generous and kind sharing with many of us in the ventriloquist world. I, like everyone else, appreciate the gift of the collectible coin. It is very special. God Bless. Sandi

  7. Anonymous4/28/2010

    My Detweiler coin became part of my magic act the very samed hour it arrived.
    Magic Montana Santa

  8. I've just received the collectible coin. Thanks Clinton!

    I will trick my little ventriloquist partner by keep on giving this same coin to him as his 'salary' everytime.

    Enjoy your day !

  9. Ronald miller4/29/2010

    Very nice coin and very unique.A cherished gift-Thanks so much!! Ronald Miller

  10. Anonymous4/30/2010

    Clinton - A delayed thank you for the coin. It was so much fun to get that envelope and not know what to expect inside. It was kind of like the old days when my new Newsy Vents arrived via Charlie, our mailman.

    Thanks my friend, you are one of a kid. Of course we could get a fiberglass mold and then make another copy of you.

    Al Getler