Pulling strings!

A couple we see at the local coffee shop from time to time, Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Spratt (Denver area musical entertainers), gave me this marionette to be used as a give-away on my blog. They purchased it at a garage sale and knew nothing about it, but hoped I could find a good home for it. There are no identification marks or tags on the puppet, but I'm going to guess it was hand made in Mexico. I once had a set of very similar puppets that came from Mexico.

I know it's not a ventriloquist figure, but it is a puppet, and could be fun to have "hanging around." So following the Spratt's wishes, we've drawn one of the numbered ping pong balls from the bin, and the winner of this marrionette is Rick McKinney.
(Contact Mr. D to claim your prize.)

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  1. Anonymous4/08/2010

    Wow Clinton,
    You seem to have hooked everyone into this pass it on plan. How excited I am to find ways to replicate your active ministry.

    How wise a man, who restores life to silent tools by sending them to a new field. God is no doubt your mentor.