The Payback

From Barb Gregersen

I'm having a Retirement Open House this Sunday (April 25th) at my church in Waterloo. My professional educator career is ending in May after 42 years. I plan to display the certificates I received upon completion of the Maher Courses along with my other educational degrees. My husband once said that I got more "bang for my buck" from that investment (Maher Course)than any of the classes I took getting my formal education. I thoroughly agree - especially in the payback of pleasure and feelings of accomplishment.

Thank you for all your generosity and support. I truly look forward to the next phase of my life. A lot of it will be spent with my "friends" entertaining/educating young children.

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  1. I had an old Oracle, and Mr. Berger was compiling a bibliography of old publications about vent, one of which was a March 1945 Coronet with article about The Great Lester called "Stepfather to Charlie McCarthy". I found it on Ebay and first thing noticed at front of the magazine was a Maher advertisement. Maher was around long before that and advertised in the old magazines.