Novelty Puppets - Permissions?

Question: A few years back I saw some of your novelty puppets on Ebay. Do you still list them there or sell them out of your shop? As I recall there were things like baseball bat, shovel and and others. I love your water gun puppet. Would you mind if I took the idea and came up with my own version?

Here is a puppet I created for Middle School Drama class Puppet Workshop... a puppet made with a pencil holder, duct tape and googly eyes. I'm thinking of a small trash can with lever when stepped on opens lid. As you have mentioned on your blog, a walk or two around Wal-mart is always good for puppet possibilities. Harris Deutsch
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Answer: You, and all others, are welcome to use any of my ideas for novelty puppets. (See two pages of Mr. D's novelty puppets found on the photo album links listed in the margin at left.)Thanks for sharing the photos of your creative endeavors!

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  1. I have an idea, a balloon with eyes and upper lip drawn on the balloon, with lower lip added that uses pull string. The balloon really wants to talk, but on very first pull it pops everytime.