Joan Slivers

From Hillary Saffran:

Hi Clinton, The day after I got "Joan Slivers" back from you (and her makeover - photo right) a friend of mine videotaped me doing some improv with her imitation of Joan Rivers. Ventriloquism was never so much fun! This is what it should be! She looks absolutely gorgeous on video. I'm polishing up a script and will be using her for open mics around town, and will be making a better video of her - (I need to be more consistent on my raspy voice). I even gave her a haircut and it turned out fabulous!

I am so gratefull and thankful for your work and want you to know that she'll probably end up as my favorite puppet to work with!
Before make over (left)


  1. Anonymous4/15/2010

    Sexy gal. LeeDean

  2. Philip Grecian4/15/2010

    Wow. Did you take photos of the process, Clinton? That's a huge difference and a vast improvement! Looks like a lot of fill-in work and carving down. The final result is absolutely a figure with possibilities. Great work!

  3. Looks Great!! I have a couple gal figures myself and one of them a tribute to Bill Boley's "Aunt Fannie." She entertained the troops at Walter Reed a few months ago and they loved it.

    Cheers, Larry Harris

  4. I did take a couple of "progress" photos. I'll have to see if I can find them. You are correct - a lot of both carving and fill in work.