From Bastiaan Verhorst

The roads in little Holland are overcrowded, but now I have my speedy ostrich to bring me everywhere and we go through many things. I'm going to make the beak 'speaking'. Then the fun can start.

And I cannot tell you enough how happy I am with the Maher Course! I catch myself each day, on very many moments, talking with my vent voice. For example: reading names on cars and making difficult sentences with that name. Using lyrics, or making conversations with my dog.

Once again, thanks for the gift and especially for the wonderful idea of minting a vent-coin!


  1. Anonymous4/26/2010

    Amazing, Bastiaan. At first I thought you were sitting on some hidden chair. Now I think I got it figured out, a ladder. LeeDean

  2. Take a third look... there is another possibility... !