Caption Winner

WINNER - Ted Nunes
* * * * *
Honorable mention (in no particular order):
"Like 'father', like 'son.'" Allen Fuller
"I call this haircut the 'Detweiler.'" Andy Mrkvicka
"Hey Grandpa, he said 'a LITTLE off the top!'" Cheryl Keene
"Nobody moves ... nobody gets hurt." Cliff Wiggs
"Is this why you wear a cap?" Wes Green
"I said, 'A little of the top,' not, 'like you Pop.'" Penny Luben
"Hair today, gone tomorrow." Jeff Brown
"Clinton's Clip Joint -- hanging room only!" Dr. Jeff Scott
"Keep the tip, but leave the ear." John Houser
"Ouch!" Adelia
* * * * * *
My thanks to all who sent captions. There were more than 50! And each and every one brought a smile to my face! Clinton

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