Vintage Willie conversion

Glen Rappold took a tired and well worn vintage composition ventriloquist doll (photo below) and carefully repaired the chips, cracks, and breaks before he sent it to me for finishing.
When I first saw it, it was restored into a very nice piece (upper left).
I installed the moving eyes, painted the figure and added a wig with the goal of making it into a character similar to those sold by Fred and Madeleine Maher in the '40s and '50s. #215 Ray, to be specific. You see the finished figure on the right.

One can only wish those old "Willie" dolls were still available today. They did convert into some outstanding characters!


  1. Anonymous3/10/2010

    WOW!! What a GREAT JOB!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Clinton...

    You do great work...you do honor to the vent fraternity.

    Dr. Dan