Ventriloquist Dummy starts church

From Jim Burke:

Here's an interesting experience I had with Miguelito ("Little Mike"). Once while traveling on the North Coast of Colombia with my father-in-law who was visiting us, I got lost. I found myself going down a road that ended at the Ocean. There by the ocean was a fishing village. I found my way back out, but I kept thinking that I had not seen any evidence of any kind of church in that village. So I returned, with Miguelito, to the village. I saw a small structure where a man sold snacks, soft drinks, etc. I took Miguelito up to that structure, and we conversed---the man said that there were not children there but that if I returned at a certain time in the afternoon there would be kids and I could do a program. So...I returned. Miguelito was able to gather a crowd, and from that humble beginning a church was eventually started. Miguelito's greatest claim to fame is that God used him to start a church!:-)

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