Mo Money for Entertaining Biz 2010

By Steve Kissell

Most businesses have been hit hard by our current economic recession. What can we do as entertainers to get more work for the 2010 year? One idea is to create a relationship with each of the folks who hire you. Here is the deal: they have hired you, you did a great job, and they paid you. You obviously have done something right to get the job in the first place. So why search for a new client? Why not develop a long term relationship with them? What techniques can you employ to expand your business with them? Can you refer another entertainer for them for the next event? Can you provide another act, character or service for them? The way I look at it is that you are doing them a favor by saving them time in searching for another performer when you are able to provide further service for them. Libraries will hire an entertainer back year after year IF they have a new show that is fits into the theme for that year.

My goal for 2010 is to meet ahead of time with each person that hires me. I want to visit the school or library to check out the venue. What kind of message do you think this sends? I believe that the boss will be really impressed that I took the time to preview the area where the program will be. Problems can be identified early and corrected before the program. I use the time at the meeting to find out any information that I need about the audience. Of course, I can do this on the phone, but remember, I want to build a long term business relationship with the client, not just a one time program. One fantastic technique that I have employed is to network with my colleagues.

Each year I trade 12 past clients for 12 clients of a pal. I then contact the potential new clients and introduce myself and offer the same fee and different show than my friend. Out of 12 contacts, I can book two of them. And of those two shows do you think that that there may be others who will hire me? This is a golden idea, use it!Finally, be a good person to deal with. Do NOT call, e-mail or badger for payment for your program. Instead, ask if there is anything else that they need to help with the process of the payment? This is the kinder approach to receive your payment if it was not delivered on-site. I believe that if you do a great job and are easy to work with that the boss will tell several people. However, if you were difficult to work with, then they will tell MANY people. Good luck with your business in 2010!

Yours in Laughter,
Steve Kissell http://www.familycomedian.com/

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