"Christian" Ventriloquist Shows

Question: I am a Brazilian Student Ventriloquist. I am now on Lesson 16. I want to make christian ventriloquist shows, but I have no reference since in my country it is a completely new kind of show. Can you help me to create this? I see that you got a lot of books about this theme, and I think it's a good thing... how can I do!

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Answer from Mr. D:
I assume you are a believing Christian? That is the first requirement if you want to be truly effective and I believe that is your desire.

Lesson 30 also has some tips. Feel free to go to Lesson 30 now and read the section titled "Gospel Ventriloquism".

A show in churches is very little different from any other show, except that shows in churches frequently include a Bible theme or Christian living message of some sort. Yes, there are many such dialogue books available.

I advise that you start by offering your services to various groups and activities within your own church. Be a willing volunteer and you'll be pleasantly surprised how the doors of opportunity will open for you.

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