Two and Only Playbill (signed!)

Thanks to Jay Johnson, one visitor to this blog will win an autographed Playbill from Jay's Tony Award winning Broadway show, The Two and Only! . This Playbill came from the first month the show was open because the front cover is in full color. Broadway tradition is to go to black & white covers after the first few weeks because they are cheaper to print. Several pages are dedicated to Jay, his career, and the show. I reprinted one of the photo pages below. So this item is special for several reasons and will be awarded soon. Thank you, Jay! http://www.monkeyjoke.com/


  1. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Jay did a scaled down version of "The Two And Only" at the Vent Haven
    ConVENTion last year. He brought the house down. It was a true marriage
    of the art of ventriloquism and theater. Jay is truly a world class vent.
    A chance to see the "Two And Only" the full Broadway version should not be missed.
    This Playbill will be a treasure to any lucky vent.

    Tom Farrell

  2. I saw Jay's show at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway, and it was exceptional. It was very funny and at points it brought a tear to your eye. Jay is one of the best vents in the business and his show is a must see for anyone interested in ventriloquism, or that matter great entertainment.

  3. Richard Ragsdale2/23/2010

    I just caught it here in LA at the start of the last mini-tour he did. A heckuva show. I've got a sneaking suspicion that Jay might be the best in the business, all things considered...