"Non-winning" entry

From Wes Green:

I decided I would enter a non-winning entry and just remind you that these treasures seem to be numberless as the sands on the seashore. It would seem that your capacity to give is simply enlarged by the giving you do. I followed up on this gift and found pricey to be accurate. Embarrassingly to me is the fact that even my precious Bible did not cost that much. Whomever you choose, you are sure to get a very large smile as you slide it in the envelope and address it. It is no wonder you have much to give, because much has been given and continues to be so. The bank of Detweiler is funded with encouragement and we all can make withdrawals and should make deposits. Thanksgiving is an easy deposit for me today. So enjoy your winsome smile with your family as you reflect on your Bank of Detweiler. God bless you.

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