The mouth sticks

Question: Hi. I ordered a vent figure from you around 5 or 6 years ago. The mouth is sticking now and wondered if you could offer some suggestions. I have been a ventriloquist for many years in children's church and in prison ministry. I learned how through your book when I was 16, have bought 2 figures and several of the script books through you all. It has been a great tool in ministry and I appreciate you making all of this available for so many years.

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Answer: The mouth is most likely sticking alongside his mouth or under his chin. Try first to use a metal fingernail file inserted into the slot along each side of his mouth, especially the lower portion of the side slot. Then open the mouth to see if the file becomes wedged at some point. If so, that is where you need to file (in and out) until the mouth opens and closes freely.

Now, if the underside of the mouth (under the chin) is catching on the neck, you will need a Xacto knife with concave curved blade to carefully trim some of the neck opening to provide slightly more clearance.

If all efforts fail, you can send me the head and I'll fix the problem.
Mr. D

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  1. Anonymous2/17/2010

    Hey Clinton
    Have you taken up head shrinking to fix mouth problems? If so, I send mine over straight away. A jack of all trades, you are, and mastered by One.(Jesus)