Mark Wade Writes


Along with having fun and working through your act by audience testing, the next big step to success is to make sure you have characters that appeal to the audience. I've seen vents that have good technique, and good material, but the puppet works against them. These vents feel that they are so creative in writing and perfecting an act that they can also create their own characters. Sometimes they can, most often they can't. Puppet and figure making is an art unto itself, and unless you have the natural bent toward this I would advise going to a professional puppet / figure maker to help you complete the act or show.

Ugly or homemade-looking puppets distract the audience. Instead of listening and enjoying the show the audience is thinking, "Wow! what an ugly puppet!". Your act can never gain momentum because the puppet is working in the opposite direction from where you want to go. I don't care if your Great Uncle Rudolph made this puppet for you when you were in grade school, distracting puppets, no matter where their origin, don't help anyone.

When you are developing your act or show, decide on what kind of puppets or figures would best suit you, work on an appropriate voice that matches the special characteristics of the puppet (you wouldn't give a high, girl - sounding voice to an old man puppet..), and then proceed on finding your puppet or figure maker who can deliver a professional product for you to use.

Remember, we are a visual art as well as an auditory art, so choose your friends well and your puppet friends even more carefully! And please don't make this an ordeal for yourself...the object is to entertain as well as for you to have FUN!


  1. Anonymous2/16/2010


    I'm always glad to see any writing by Mark Wade! He has been SO very giving with help & advice to all vents over the years {as have YOU!}! So Mark AND Clinton, Thank you for all your sharing & caring, & thank you for all you do for this wonderful art! Best, Bill Smith

  2. Mark I like your new monkey who made him for you. There is no doubt that mark has more knowledge in his pinky nail about childrens vent then most vents have in their whole body, its good to know you Mark.