I need your help!

I'm out of pocket puppets. And after 30+ years of order and reordering thousands of these useful little puppets, the company that produces them declines to take a reorder telling me, in a couple words, they are "too difficult".

Now, I understand some jobs are more difficult than other. I experience that in my shop as well. In fact, if I was only going to accept the easy orders and repair jobs, I'm working on a couple jobs in my shop now that are "too difficult".

So, I can simply end the Pocket Puppet's run and save $1,000. Or, I can try to convince the manufacturer that these are more than advertising gimmicks. They serve a practical purpose for their owners.

That's were you can help. I need your feedback on how you have used your Pocket Puppet. An experience that was inspirational, beneficial, historical, practical, educational, therapeutical, comical, etc. Send them to me: mahertalk@aol.com I sincerely appreciate your help!

I've set up a special page deicated to the Pocket Puppet. I will eventually use it to reappeal to the manufacture to accept my reorder: www.pocketpuppet.blogspot.com


  1. James Tucker2/21/2010

    I have entertained people on the street with pocket puppet. My grandson loves it. Keeps him occupied when his mother is in the store.

  2. Good luck getting these made again. Maybe someone will take over the project and get these made for you. I bet a printer could stamp these on for you. N Jay told me to respond to this post.

    Larry Harris

  3. Hi I hope you didn't lose the entry I made for you for this pocket puppet it took me a while to come up with a great story. N Jay aka Jungle Jay

  4. No, Jay, it's not lost at all. You will find it here: http://pocketpuppet.blogspot.com/2010/02/from-jungle-jay.html