"Funny you should ask..."

From John Degel - Montana's Santa

My pocket puppet is as important as my keychain... it's always in my pocket and comes out at every opportunity. I use it for children who come to the office where I work part time. It talks to the children and then coughs up some coins and I do a little magic for them.

Every time someone asks me how does ventriloquism work I say, "Funny you should ask", and reach into my pocket.

I've used the pocket puppet in hospitals, churches, schools, the State Capitol Building -- legislators seem to love some of its comments, especially about money... lobbyists aren't as enthusiastic.

My pocket puppet is home to a Scotch and Soda set, a Hong Kong Dollar and a Loony -- the kids get a laugh at how the pocket puppet's accent changes with each coin.

It's a really great ice breaker when I'm standing in line somewhere. Starting with a muffled, or distant voice I work it out of my pocket and into the conversation.... always with positive results.

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  1. Anonymous2/11/2010

    I think that's great ! The world needs as much happiness, marvel, and magic as it can get....impromtu performances like the ones you describe can be very powerful,and remind people that beauty and magic are every where.....kind of like the Dr. Seusse book, " And to think that it happened on Mullberry street ".....you just may be the real Santa,and if not, he's proud of you !Dave Markham