Fred Maher, "Side-by-side"

What a delightful piece of historical memorabilia! A single Framed piece with side-by-side photos of Fred Maher with Skinney Dugan #1 (on the right) and #2 (on the left).

The first Skinney "Jimmy" Dugan was a self-made project by Fred. In a letter I have in my files, he stated that he made it from Pastic Wood. Whether it was before or after he and Madeleine were married, I do not know. Nor do I know what year the photo on the right was taken. I do know Madeleine removed the original 8x10 off her wall to give to me in 1969.

Skinney #2 is the much better known McElroy figure that was featured in the advertising for Maher School of Ventriloquism from 1951 onward until the early '70s when we began to phase out that character image as the face of Maher Studios advertising.

This rare piece will be awarded to some lucky blog reader tomorrow.


  1. Love that picture of Skinny #2, I feel in love with that figure when I sent away for a catalog back inthe early 1950"s.

  2. I hope its me and I am not saying because its free I am saying it because I finally finished the home vent course and feel that the framed picture would go nice with the certificate. So I am preparing a spot on my shelf for the certificate...hopefully the photo as well.