Changing wigs

Question: I have a question about applying a new girl wig to a boy figure. I would like to change a vent figure to a girl with long hair. How do I remove the old hair and how do I apply the new wig? I could keep the boy hair wig under the new girl wig, I guess, but is that something you would recommend? Please advise.
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Answer: If a wig is stapled on as a few are, you simply remove the staples. Most wigs are glued on. I cut them loose with a Xacto knife with convex blade (very carefully for my finger's sake), beginning at the nape of the neck and working my way up and over the head.

Glue and/or staples are pretty much the standard for wig installation.

It does sometimes work to simply slip a well fitting female wig directly over the male wig still installed on the head. It pretty much depends on the female hair style. You might have to trim the boy's sideburns so they are not exposed from under the upper wig.


  1. Anonymous2/19/2010

    I am also changing a wig on a figure. The original wig was put on poorly: I have removed it and found large clumps of thick glue with hair stuck in it. The glue is as hard as a rock. These clumps are very stubborn and difficult to remove and will take many long hours to remove using an Xacto knife. Mr. D, what would you use to remove such hard glue clumps? Thanks!

  2. Is it hot melt glue? I am going to assume that it is. I trim away as much as I can in similar manner to what you describe. I have an old scissors I sometimes use, too. Sometimes the remaining residual chunks can be spread a bit using the hot tip on the gun. There's no way to completely remove the glue but it's on the under side, so not a big deal.