"$5.00 Dummy"

One chapter in the book, Build It Yourself, is titled "The Five Dollar Dummy." George Cook shares how he built his own full size vent figure for $5.00 in materials. The year was 1975, so adjusting for inflation, I suppose the same materials might be $25.00 or more today, but still, his method has merits. As complex as is the McElroy method, the Cook way is simple!

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Give-Away: I have two copies of this book unclaimed from an earlier drawing, so today I will "re-gift" them to George Vanderwoude (NY) and Daniel Slozat (PA).
To Purchase: I sell Build It Yourself for $6.00 Postpaid. Contact me by email to order. I can either send you a PayPal money request, or you can mail me your check or money order. mahertalk@aol.com

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