We have a winner!

This handout/flyer (late '40s?) gives us a fun "look-back" at the latter years of the Great Lester's career. At first glance, it appears EDGAR BERGEN is appearing "In Person" at Wally's Show Bar. But a more careful reader will discover it is "The Great Lester" who is appearing. "Teacher of" Edgar Bergen is the qualifying statement in small print. (One does have to wonder why Bergen's name gets top billing if Lester is the "Greatest", but oh well...the circle of life.)
The picture above is a scan of a yellowing copy of an actual flyer held in my collection. It is a unique piece of ventriloquist history.
Because he has a wall display collection of Bergen memorabilia which this item, framed, will compliment nicely, I am gifting this original flyer to George Boosey. All others who entered for consideration will receive an actual size photo copy. My thanks to all who responded!


  1. Such a shame that The Great Lester had to take a back seat to Edgar Bergen. {Do not count this as an email.}

  2. Winkle and Wags1/11/2010

    My guess is, at the time, since Mr. Bergen was such a known name and star, his name was used as a quick eye-catching gimmick. "Circle of life' is right. I recall a time, in the mid-60's, when Frank Sinatra was known as "Nancy's father" after she'd had a few big hit records.