We have a winner!

This Dave Miller Ventoon was first published 01/01/1978 as part of the NAAV ventriloquist calendar. "Just missed the big event" likely happened to more than one person just last night!

I thought I'd start the year off by giving a framed copy of this original Ventoon to the tenth (10th) person who, after reading this post, sent me an email with the word Ventoon in the subject line. We now have a winner: Walter Ratzell (NJ). Congratulations!

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  1. Anonymous1/01/2010

    When I went to the mailbox and found the 5x7 envelope with the prized #16 Authographed book inside, I stopped before opening it and recalled some years ago when I opened a similar envelope with a catalog I had requested to purchase my new bride a basswood figure from Craig Lovik's line. My mind raced as fast as my heart when I thought of writing the check and mailing it for Clementine to be created. When she arrived my wife teared up and bowed her head and dedicated this "dummy" to Glorify God. (I always wondered if she meant me.) She renamed her Jenny Lynn and proclaimed the Gospel to thousands of all ages. Wow, look what sending a simple book in an envelope can do. \

    May Jesus be proclaimed and praised in this New Year, by many, to many, even through ventriloquism.