Reader comment: I may be wrong, but wasn't "Build it Yourself" one of the booklets in the FANTASTIC set of I think 7 booklets you put out back then called "ventrilo-pedia"? I had that set and wish I still did! SO much wonderful stuff in those covers! Any chance of a reprint of ventrilo-pedia? I'd buy one for SURE! Keep up the GREAT work!
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Answer: You are correct. And three of the 7 Ventrilopedia books are still in print and available, ON STAGE, BUILD IT YOUSELF and TIMELY TIPS. $6.00 each postpaid. Contact Me

Vol. 1 ONSTAGE (available)- Titles include: Showmanship, Audience Acceptance, How To Hold Your Audience's Attention, The Psychology of Being Remembered, Professional Etiquette, Memorizing Your Act, Sound Systems, Etc.

Vol. 2 TIMELY TIPS - (available) How to Handle Criticism, How to write a dialogue, Rules for successful routines, Novelty bit, gags, Unusual ventriloquist ideas, comedy acts, and more.

Vol. 3 ADVERTISING & PUBLICITY (out of print) - Where to begin and how to get started in show biz, Publicity tips, Promotional letters and business card ideas, television appearances, mailing pieces, etc.

Vol. 4 JUST FOR FUN - (out of print) Just as the title implies this volume is just for pleasure and enjoyment. Ventriloquist cartoons by 17 different artists. Every page, a new chuckle.

Vol. 5 VENTOONS - (out of Print) The first (and only) book devoted entirely to the clever work of America's best known ventriloquist artist, David J. Miller.

Vol 6 BUILD IT YOURSELF (available) - Eleven different projects for the do-it-yourselfer. Vent figures, puppets, props, and novelty items. Complete instructions with pictures and/or illustrations and plans.

Vol. 7 POTPOURRI - (out of print) A little bit of everything from the serious to the hilarious; from prose to poetry. Pause to reflect the wisdom on one page, then laugh at the humor on the next.

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