Playing Santa...

I don't know if you remember my post a few weeks ago concerning the mother wanting a puppet for her son, but she lacked the funds to buy one. I suggested she make a sock puppet, and provided the link to a site for puppet-plans. After posting that blog, I received the following email:

"Dear Clinton: I'm reading today's post and I think I could do something for this mother who is asking for a puppet. I have a brand new Folkmanis shepherd dog that I bought years ago but I never used. Can you forward this message to this lady so she can contact me and I can send her the puppet? When I was a kid growing up in Argentina, we had very rough times at home after my father died, when I was five. Some days the food wasn't as nutritious as it should, most of my clothes were hand me downs from cousins or neighbours, but I always had toys. Somehow, my mother was always able to buy me a toy for my birthday, Child's Day, Christmas, Wise Men Day (on January 5th at night, the Three Wise Men who went to adore Jesus, are supposed to leave children a present as they did with Him; it's a latin american tradition). For a child, a toy is way more beautiful than good food or proper clothes. That is why I'm always so sad every Christmas, because I think of how many children will not have a toy on that day. I do as much as I can, I help as much as I can, and maybe I can help here. I'm not working myself either, I lost my job almost one year ago, so I understand her situation very well. Things in Canada are very rough too. Please allow me to be Santa. Perhaps this will motivate others to play Santa as well. Thanks again, may God bless you and yours." (Name withheld at the request of the sender)

It was my pleasure to be able to connect the two parties and it was a merry Christmas for all. As I write this, I wonder if there are other readers who have an unused puppet or vent figure that they'd be willing to donate to a worthy recipient? If so, I have a suggestion. See the post that follows.

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  1. Clinton every Christmas a few bikers down here in S Florida go on a Christmas bikers toy Run gathering toys for children, we raise threw their assistence enough toys to give to all the children in our church UUC (Uniterrean Universalist), so that no one is without..We feel that any child that doesn't have a toy, new clothes, or food is being left out. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Brooklyn NY and knew what is was like to be without, because of that I find myself involved in various charities...Thank you God for allowing me the priveledge to do that.