Movie: Dumbstruck

From Dan Horn

On Monday, Jan. 11, I attended a screening of Dumbstruck. I believe I am the first one associated with the film outside of the filmmakers to see it. I didn't know what to expect and, for obvious reasons, I was apprehensive at the screening. The title is perfect for the movie because at the conclusion of the film, I was left dumbstruck.

Mark and Lindsay Goffman have created an extraordinary film. They managed to portray us as real people following a dream, and not as social misfits lacking a grip on reality, which is the way we are usually presented. The film was, by turns, funny, sensitive, poignant, honest and above all, respectful. The film is amazing and unique--and I am so proud to have been a part of it. I believe it is the first project ever to portray our humanity as a group, and demystify misconceptions the general public collectively holds of us. That's not to say that some of our eccentricities are not depicted, but by painting accurate portraits of us as real people, those same qualities become endearing.

The film is making waves at the festival in Palm Springs and judging by the very positive audience reaction at the screening I attended, I believe this film will do more for the whole of us than any other project I've seen.

I hope we can persuade Mark Goffman to screen the film at our next convention, for I believe everyone of us will be thoroughly moved by the experience. Spread the word: see this film.


  1. I expect that Dumbstruck, like Avatar, will strike a common chord of the getting outside of oneself.

  2. I know that if you can get the creator of Dumbstruck to show the attendees at the next VH Con it will be well rec'd. I will be there for my second return and would love viewing the movie myself. N Jay aka Jungle Jay

  3. Can I buy it yet? When is the Dallas show coming, I am only 4 hours and would like to go to the movie premier.
    Ribbons the clown/ventriloquist

  4. Anonymous3/09/2011

    I love the concept of the film! I am the only person that I know that like ventriloquism and I think a movie like this will really show people that ventriloquism isnt "creepy" or "weird."
    CHeck out the Facebook Page to watch the trailer and "Like" the page!