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Sandy and the team ladies made up Christmas packages for our poorest of the poor families from out of the thousands that attend the Family Circus services. This past week we found Michael after several months disappearance. He still needs the medicine for TB and food (looks like he’s lost weight (age 12, only 56 lbs) we will do what we can for his dying grandmother, his only caregiver for he and two other siblings.

This week Sandy and our team traveled around town and even into surrounding cow pastures to deliver the gifts. The description of where some of these people live is heart wrenching, but when our team drive up and greet the families, and after distributing hugs and gifts, the parents and their children’s level of joy would be no less than that of the richest kids on this planet who'll receive a bag of Santa’s latest and greatest toys.

I’d dare say many of these children would be far happier and the joy of this Christmas may even last in their memory for the rest of their lives… In comparison, how many rich kids will remember this Christmas as it gets lost in the piles of stuff they receive both this year and in the future?

This Christmas, other than priceless love, what gifts did the poor kids receive? Some clothing, salt, rice, food, soap, toiletries, some small toys, perhaps a stuffed animal, specially gathered and or purchased just for them.

For the next two weeks our plans are to spend time relaxing and being refreshed before getting into a new year with all the business that accompanies serving the King in the heart of one of His harvest fields.

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