From Maher Graduate

Walter van der Hoeven
the Netherlands

I graduated from the Maher Ventriloquist Course a couple of year ago. It was not until the beginning of last year, that I got the courage to start doing shows. And what a year 2009 was for me. I did school shows, a corporate show, and my favourite show of all I gave last month for about 150 mentally disabled children. A boy came up to me after this show and wanted to know exactly how I "did it". I promised him that I will give him a private lesson next time I will come back. Ventriloquism is not only giving joy to my life but also to the life of others. The photo is of me and Waldo the dodo bird. The photo was taken at one of my performances.


  1. This is very good work Walter van der Hoeven.

  2. Anonymous1/15/2010

    That's very nice but I have a little advice: Upload videos of your performance for us to watch! (yes I'm sure that counts as advice)