From Maher Graduate

Hello, Mr Detweiler! It's hard to believe that we now are in 2010. In December, we had 20 shows booked. We were really excited. We already have a number of shows booked for January. We also have a number of shows booked throughout the year. I got to perform with a puppet troupe recently at our local theatre where we did a Halloween show. I think I did pretty good. I should tell you that in doing all those shows in December, I've noticed that the problem of "flipping my lid" seems to have just about disappeared. I've also had a number of people tell me that I am a very good ventriloquist. One lady told me that she swore that the puppet was doing all the talking. That's what we want. We give God all the credit for this. We are working on new ideas and different things we can do. We love doing what we do. As I've said before, taking the Maher Course was a very smart move. Have a blessed 2010! Ron Butcher "R & T Puppets"

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