In an Christmas letter from Rev. Leo Miller, our former pastor of 60 years ago when we lived in Wichita, Kansas, I found included loose a newspaper article about ventriloquist Ryan Baumgartner (pictured here). Ryan is a professional entertainer, performing about 130 shows each year (out of 500+ invitations!). In 2006 he was named Artist in Residence of Sandy Cove Conference Center in Maryland, where he performed for leadership groups, church conferences, and concerts. When Ryan is not performing live, he is a comedy columnist and hosts a cable TV show.

The fascinating aspect of this for me personally is the fact that it was Rev. Miller who actually encouraged me to develop my ventriloquist interest. He made sure I had the venues I needed through various functions and groups at our church during the first decade of my performing career. I seriously doubt I would have become a ventriloquist without his constant support. And now in his own retirement years, he sent me this newspaper article about Ryan Bumgartner who was presenting a full program to the Ohio church the Millers now attend. So what's so fascinating? To me, it's the fact that Ryan Bumgartner is a graduate of the Maher School of Ventriloquism in Colorado, a member of the NAAV, and a customer of Maher Studios. Rev. Miller played a key role in my career and as a result it carried over to Ryan's, who would now come into Rev. Millers life briefly. Sometimes the tangled web of life is woven with amazing purpose and productivity.
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Normally such a newspaper clipping would go into my files, but as you know, I'm "sizing down". So, if you keep a collection of news article about vents, and would like to have this one, Contact Me .

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  1. What goes around comes around, and here the going and coming is nothing but good.