We have our winners!

Several months ago someone wrote asking me about the Carrying Case Stickers once sold by Maher Studios. So I went on a search and found my supply in a storeroom cabinet. When first made available in the 1970's there were 17 original designs (by artist Dave Miller - see below), sold individually. Later a sheet of the 6 most popular designs (shown here) was printed on day-glow stock which the user could cut apart, then peel-and-stick as 6 individual stickers. The image above shows a new set, mint condition.
I promised one set of Case Stickers FREE to the first eight (8) people who emailed me after reading this post. The winners: David Miranda (CO), Dave Ferdinand (SD), Joe Overfelt Jr. (VA), Jerry Bell (WA), Charles Prouty (TX), Bob Steininger (PA), John Byrd (VA), Roger Riggs (TX), and Mark Sallee (CO), and Abhijeet (India). (I know - that's ten but, oh well...)

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  1. Anonymous12/10/2009

    Hi Clint: That was the first time I think I had ever seen any of the decals like that. Good way to make a dull looking case look like it's been some where. Its 6 degrees in Ligonier In right now. Blessings!!