We have a winner!

You will read about the magical Tetra-Flexigon in the post below. I offered one free to ninth (9th) person to send me an eMail after reading this post, and the lucky 9th respondent was Val Hilliker. Congratulations, Val!

Note: Your email address is always secure with me. I will not share, sell, nor use for any other purpose other than contacting you about your "Give-Away" entry on this blog - never have; never will. I do respond to every entry so the sender knows I received their email entry and in what number position.


  1. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Well, it doesn't matter that I didn't win this prize, because a fellow calgarian ventriloquist got it! Congratulations, Val! I'm sure you will make very good use of this magic trick in your school shows. Greetings from Don Marcelo & Napoleon.

  2. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Thanks, I will put this to good use. You are a fellow Calgarian?

  3. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Clnton, I think if there is ANYONE who we don't have to worry about giving out our info, it's YOU!! You're to kind to be that crooked!