Still in progress...

I've had this vintage Charlie McCarthy doll in the process of restoration for quite some time. I repaired the cracks in the finish, closed the spaces along side the mouth and repainted the entire head. I need to make a monocle and do some work on the body. But he's beginning to look quite nice. My thought has always been that when completed he would be sold on eBay, but I'm thinking now I might prefer to use him as a give-away on this blog. Stay tuned...


  1. Curtis Jones12/16/2009

    Hey Clinton,
    this little guy looks great!

    I have 2 questions....

    What did you use to repair the surface cracks ? I have an old Jerry that has some crazing and peeling.

    Could you post the giveaways starting later in the day ? I always see them after I get home from work. I miss out.

    Great job on the blog. I read it before and I go to work and right after I get home.

  2. I use spackling to fill the smaller cracks; wood dough or sculpting clay to fill larger cracks. I closed side gaps on the mouth of this one with Bondo auto body compound. All sanded (refilled and resanded as necessary)then sealed with shellac before painting.

    As for the give-aways, each one is posted three days plus one hour later than the previous one and they will run 24/7, so at some point every reader will find them posted at their optimal time of day (or night) wherever in the world they live.

  3. A vintage Charlie McCarthy by Effanbee restored by Mr. D to give-away would be a "ventage" prize.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2009

    You are so super generous. What a wonderful give away. Do you allow people to win more than once? SS

  5. So far, multiple winners has not been an issue so I have not felt the need for any restriction - at least not to this point.