Steve Meltzer - Final Curtain

Some of you are aware of ventriloquist/puppeteer Steve Meltzer's recent months' battle with cancer. Yesterday the following was forwarded to me:

Dear Members of the LAGOP:
It is with a heavy heart that I send you this email. Steve Meltzer, our dear President and friend, passed away last night. His last day was peaceful and without pain. The last few months have proven that Steve was a valiant optimist, a man of great compassion, integrity and strength. We are planning on having a Celebration of Life service on December 12th. We will send details as soon as they are confirmed. We hope to see you there.
- Christine Papalexis, LAGOP Communications Coordinator
- Ric Wilson, LAGOP Vice President
Cards may be sent to Steve's 92-year-old mother: Sylvia Falk, 401 Montana Avenue, Apt. 2, Santa Monica, CA 90403-1303.

Yet Steve leaves us with a smile. Check out this happy song video with Steve in action. Amazing!

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  1. I did not know Steve Meltzer personally, but his work was such that I know that W.S. Berger would have liked him.