By William Andersen

The following is a brief excerpt from the routine by the same name in the book, Safety Dialogues, now on my 99 cent eBay auction listings for this week. Click HERE to see the full list.

V: Well, what is hot today?
F: Fire is hot!
V: I know that. Do you want to talk about fire?
F: Sure. Either fire or girls.
V: Let's talk about fire. What do you know about fire?
F: Enough to stay away from it. I used to be a tree, you know.
V: Getting in a fire could be bad for you. But it is also bad for others, too.
F: I wooden know about that.
V: It is important to know about fires and fire safety.
F: Like what?
V: We should learn two things about fires. One is how to prevent fires, and the other is what to do if you are ever in a fire.
F: Prevention or burn.
V: Prevention is right but you need not burn in a fire if you know what to do.
F: How can we prevent a fire?
V: I'm glad you asked. Are you ready?
F: Fire away!

The routine continues to discuss reasons not to smoke, proper heaters for the home, open flames such as candles and fireplaces, electrical outlets and cords, having a fire safety plan and more. All with a touch of humor; entertainment with strong message.


  1. Is William Andersen the one who put out the first dummy kit?

  2. He's the first I know of producing kits going back to the '70s with his figure making sessions at the FCM conferences.

  3. Anonymous12/18/2009

    this is a neat Idea. I have a firemans hat for one of my figures I could use.
    John Lutton