Historical monument?

Standing in a wheat field about 3 miles NE of Harper, Kansas is a concrete silo, all that remains to mark the site of my birthplace 73 years ago today! The house that was our home once stood to the right of where the combine is seen in this photo (taken Spring '08). Mother chose to remain at home for my birth and let the local doctor come to her, not uncommon at that time.

I'm told my uncle Ura Hostetler built the silo. Its construction of poured concrete was quite innovative with unmatched durability compared to the methods of the day and probably the only reason, while leaning slightly, it still stands. Next time I visit south Central Kansas maybe I should take a plaque to mount on the silo, "This marks the site of the birthplace of ventriloquist...." - maybe not. :-)


  1. Anonymous12/11/2009

    May God's richest blessings be on you today, the 73rd anniversary of your birth, and may you be blessed for many years to come as day by day you use the gifts and talents God has given to you to enrich the lives of so many in His Name. Happy Birthday Clinton, and best regards to you and Adelia on this special day.
    John Jordan.

  2. Happy Birthday Clinton. You may be leaning a little to the right, but still standing strong as well. Many more, keep busy that's the trick.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2009

    I wish you a very, very, very happy birthday, Clinton! And many more! Marcelo.

  4. Winkle and Wags12/11/2009

    Here's wishing a safe and very happy birthday to you! A plaque couldn't hurt, ya know ...

  5. Andy Mrkvicka12/11/2009

    Happy Birthday Sir! Enjoy your day!

  6. Anonymous12/11/2009

    Happy birthday!

  7. Anonymous12/12/2009

    Happy birthday to todays father of modern ventriloquism!!!! you are the TOPS!!!! W.S.

  8. Anonymous12/12/2009

    Good on you Clinton, Happy Birthday!!!!!
    I always enjoy reading your blog, it's a real encouragement to keep "expanding" with ventriloquism. God Bless, with kind regards from Geoffrey Moran and "George (an orangutan), Siegfried (a giant nutcracker soldier), Bruce-the-Robotic-Bucket, Barry the Box, Millie (a cute girl), Ronald (a 5 foot ostrich)and Mrs Esmae" from Australia.