Give-Away Posts - some tips

Here are some facts about my give-aways that may (or may not) help in the future.

1) I post a Give-Away item every three days.

2) Posts are published at the top of the hour. (1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 0'clock, etc. through 12 0'clock and then I will start over with 1 o'clock) Mountain Standard Time (MST).

3) Each new posting is one hour advanced from the time the previous give-away was posted.

4) 24/7.

In other words, you can determine when to expect the next Give-Away posting by checking to see the time and date of the most recent past "We have a winner" post, then advance three days plus one hour, adjust for your time zone, and you'll know the time on your clock for my next "Win this item" posting.

The difficult part is knowing when to submit your entry. Some prizes are more popular than others which results in more entrants in a shorter amount of time. Days of the week and worldwide time zones are a factor as well. This blog has visitors 24/7, but some hours the traffic is heavier than others.

One more thing - the hour posted (MST) determines the number of entrants required to obtain the winning entry (1 o'clock - the first entry wins; 2 0'clock the second; 3 o'clock the third, and so on through 12 o'clock when the twelfth entry wins), and then we start over at 1 o'clock. Good luck!

Thanks most of all for visiting my blog - you're welcome any day, any time, whether you enter for a free item or not!

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