From Bob Abdou ...

Hey, Clinton:

I can continue your Clipper story (12/8/09). Here is a photo of my very FIRST time on stage in Atlanta at the Punchline Comedy Club in 1995.

I took a comedy writing course and on graduation you had to perform your act. Being a beginner vent, I used my Maher dummy on stage. I called him "Chip" at the time but my lip control was not good and you can imagine what his name sounded like, ( wink wink), so I changed his name to "Teddy", much easier to say and it made the act more cleaner, if you know what I mean.

The act bombed and I was terrible but this was the beginning of my career, and it all started with my "Maher" Clipper figure. Back then I was broke, hungry and bald. I am happy to say after 14 years now of being a professional ventriloquist I am doing fine, not hungry, but still bald!!

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  1. I took your advice the first time, Bob, on charging more, not sell myself too cheap. I guess I'm just not much good anymore, as I ended up having to sell the second figure. If I sell the one left I might double my money. Think I'll just walk out with a newspaper, spice it up a little with a buzzing bee rolled up it it, tell the free jokes in the paper to save on overhead, and I won't have to share what I make from the show with the dummy. Just joking of course, because even as a lawyer the client is more satisfied because feels like he got better quality because it cost a little more.