You made my day!

One of the more rewarding aspects of figure making and repair is receiving the feedback from satisfied owners. More than once such comments have provided just the "boost" I needed to get on with the next job! But even better than reading an encouraging word is being able to see the pleased facial expressions and hear the comments of a delighted owner. And that can only happen when the figure is hand delivered face to face - not a frequent happening when clients are spread worldwide such as they are in the ventriloquist field.

But this week I had one of those delightful opportunities to deliver a freshly repainted figure with new wig to his owner, Lori Schnell, who lives right here in the Denver area. There were smiles all around! (Figure by Jerry Layne.)

(Before photo at left and after photo above.)

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  1. Anonymous10/10/2009

    WOW! What an improvement!! Looks MUCH better! Mr. Layne's a great guy & figure maker, but should have YOU do the painting after seeing this!! W.S.