Puppets To Go

From Barb Phoenix

I had a great day doing vent for children in Bronte for Canada Day. It was a great marketing opportunity as well. I did walkabout with my figure Otto... He was an instant hit with the kids.

I had also made sock puppet kits, and called them Puppets To Go... Each kit had a Puppets To Go label and a business card. I put double-sided tape on the eyes, nose and hair. and explained to the parents that they could hot glue the add-ons to make them more permanent.

The kids had a blast making them, and then talking to my puppet. I even had an opportunity to teach some rudimentary ventriloquism. Also had free colouring sheets that I had laid out out with crayons so the kids could colour. I hope I get the opportunity to do it again.


  1. Anonymous10/24/2009

    Way to go Barb!!Sounds like EVERYONE had a great time!! TOO many vents get into it "for the money". It's nice to see I'm not the ONLY one who read the wisdom in Paul Winchell's "Ventriloquism for FUN and profit". Keep up the great work, & have a BALL!

  2. Hey Clinton, glad you posted the story from Barb, she is a great gal, great vent and one of my great friends, she is a survivor on cancer and did I mention a great gal?? she has the vent spirit and it shows, I wish her all the best, she inspires me!!!!!