Question: I have a question regarding copyrights for vent figures. May a Maher vent figure be used on television? Are they copywritten? Just wondering.
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Answer: Other than the Goldberger Celebrity dolls, any figure purchased from Maher Studios or from me personally, is yours to use as you please - on television, DVD,s, ticketed shows, etc. Enjoy!

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  1. It is my opinion that unless a seller has a copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, or trade secret agreement, seller has no intellectual property right. Even inclusion of “all rights reserved” means nothing and is void against public policy absent compliance with federal law co-extensive with enumerated property rights perfected. Sale of figure gives unlimited right of use, absent strings attached to limit right of use, but only if plenary federal law complied with. Marshall would have been very wealthy man had he reserved rights in two or three figures, but did not, except Rickie Tik situation of copyrighted image, but buyer would have co-extensive right of use unless seller reserved exclusive image rights on all other than show bills, etc. not for sale as such.