Mr. D's Cake Decorating Class

Today is Hannah's first birthday as a teen. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Long before I became a puppet maker I was a cake decorator. So with the grand occasion of Hannah's special day, we held a cake decorating class for Hannah, sister Nicole, and Joy, their mother - with Grandpa/Dad as teacher. It was a very fun day and we did it all - from sifting (or "shifting" - a family joke) the powdered sugar, to cleaning up the leftovers some four hours later! TWO sport's themed cakes were created (you see one here) with all four participants taking part in the artistry.
The cakes are now history and all that remain are these pictures and some fun memories. Personally, it was refreshing to revive and employ some retired sweet artistic skills, but I do believe I prefer making puppets. So far, no one has cut up and "destroyed" a dummy the day after I've worked hard to complete it. At least, not that I know of!
A teen at last!
Happy Birthday!
(Go Broncos!)


  1. Hannah and I share October 30th day before Halloween as birth day. My 6 and 7 year old grandchildren made deal that from 67th year on I get younger. I picked them up this morning half hoor ago to take to their elementary school, reminding them of time change this weekend. Andrew was dressed as a goblin and Georgia as a devil with horns, with their trick or treat baqs for sweets handouts at school. They each handed to me a birthday card, hers read "Happy Birthday "66" and his read "676" with an "x" thru the 7. Happy Teen Birthday, Hannah. Won't be too long, I'll be a teen again. LeeDean

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! I have an October birthday myself, except I stopped celebrating on my 21st. I now celebrate the anniversary of my 21st, just celebrated the 48th anniversary on October 9th. What ever keeps you young.

  3. Anonymous10/31/2009

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HANNAH!! Looks like it was a FUN one!! Memories like that are the greatest gift! They don't need batteries, & they don't break or wear out!! W.S.

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