"Get a Grip!"

From Sandi Stricker

I tried something that really works great and thought I would share it. I saw a soft figure once that had a bump in the cavity where the hand fits to work the mouth. The bump helped give the fingers a better grip inside to control the mouth. I have two soft figures that I wanted to be able to have a better grip on - my hand/fingers wouldn't stay firmly in place & kept slipping on the fabric. I cut a wine cork in half the long way and applied hot glue to the flat side and quickly, but carefully, slipped it into the top hand cavity that controls the mouth of the soft figure. I did it to my granny lady and also inside the top beak of my bird. Wow, what a difference it made in keeping my hand and fingers in place to control the mouth. The bump of the half cork was just enough for my fingers to curl over and have a better grip inside to control the mouth. For me it was an easy fix and a great solution.


  1. Anonymous10/14/2009

    What a GREAT idea Sandi! Thanks so much for sharing! W.S.

  2. At a Muppet Workshop in NYC (1995, I think) a group of experienced puppeteers were discussing how Steve Whitmire (Kermit the Frog, Wembley Fraggle) preferred to curl his fingers in the top of the mouth. He felt it allowed better control and expression.